This Mother's Day, we want to celebrate the unique joys that come with motherhood — the nappies and the laughter; the sleepless nights and the morning snuggles. We speak to four incredible mums about their experiences and how becoming a mum changed their life and what they've learnt in the process.


turia pitt

Author, Athlete

"What does it mean to be a Mother today?"

"When I had my first son Hakavai, a whole bunch of other girlfriends had their first babies as well. So that was really cool that we could catch up for mother's groups and share our baby's milestones with each other. I think having some kind of mother's group or support network, whether it's virtual or whether it's in real life, is invaluable."

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lisa wipfli


"What does it mean to be a Mother today?"

"I have really been doing some soul searching lately because it makes me realise I have to be the best version of myself for my three kids. And the reason why is because I am constantly their teacher. And so I need to be the best version of myself for them to then understand and guide them and teach them to do the same."

jess stenson


"What does it mean to be a Mother today?"

"I've learnt a lot of lessons, but I've really acknowledged the importance of being open with communication and being really honest with myself. Because there have been times where I've been finding it hard and I feel fortunate that I can talk to my husband and my family and my friends about that without too many issues. I've always worn my heart on my sleeve and am happy to open up."

amelia fullarton


"What does it mean to be a Mother today?"

"I do think that mothering is a lot easier when you have other mums around you that can be in that moment with you. It is really difficult I think for other people to understand how much you're going through. Especially after giving birth. If you can, just find some kind of support there, that you can just have those chats with like 'today's been really hard'".

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